The Whimsy Thrift


It has been a long time that I have thought about trying… trying out a blog, maybe trying out styling and maybe even selling sweet little clothes and accessories, but for every small dream that came to mind, my mind found ten reasons to march those hopes right out of ever being a reality.

I spent years putting all my energy into other peoples dreams and aspirations and happily so, I loved helping visions come to reality. But the dreams wouldn’t disappear and I would fall alseep every night planning outfits and have so many ideas going around I felt that my brain I could explode!

By and by the time presented it’s self to me to finally give a little space to let my hopes and dreams breathe, terrified, full of doubt I have begun to take small steps toward all the little hopes i’d dreamt of.


And so The Whimsy Thrift was born, she has a little Instagram page, her very own Depop shop and even a treasured space at a local vintage trading co – operative, my own little teeny shop space that I can curate exactly as I please, without compromise, that in it’s self is a dream come true.


I have no great expectations other than the sincere relief it feels to tentatively step forward to try and do something just for me.

Got to be worth facing a little fear right?

x x



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