Peachy keen.

A day of doing what I do best. Drinking all the tea and twirling like a ninny! Peach dress available now at The Whimsy Thrift.

Awkward in doorways.

Usually I am a solo photo taker, for my little shop or for this little blog space. The usual state of affairs is me precariously balancing my phone in the most ambitious places to get just the right angle. So it’s very lovely to head out for a morning with a friend who is soContinue reading “Awkward in doorways.”

Bubble Bag.

Deciding what to pack for a sunshine picnic in this magical ever expanding Mary Poppins bag… I needed a second opinion, Teddy agreed the branch was a necessity… Hold on! Ted thinks just one more thing… Perfect. Flat dog, Ted’s favourite toy will be joining us (every time I take a photo Teddy likes toContinue reading “Bubble Bag.”

Dusky pink silk and some blooms for the road.

Stare at feet. Swish skirt to distract blog peoples that i’m still staring at feet. Still. Staring. Hello hand what you saying? Forever buying red geraniums. Forever bringing out the awkward face. I really get in there for my sniffs. Saying sorry I couldn’t buy them all and goodbye, because that’s normal.

A whimsy woman.

  This is Mimi. Artist, baker, allotment lover, home-grown food champion, cat lover and sweet friend. When I very first came to try to start my dream that is The Whimsy Thrift, Mimi was one of my very first customers. She bought this adorable little bag. I grabbed the opportunity on a sweet summers dayContinue reading “A whimsy woman.”